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Product Specifications

Welcome to the evolution in innovative and user friendly Media Walls, Exhibition and Photo displays!
The Banner Lady’s flagship exhibition product is our visually stunning Premium Range Great Wall!

12 years ago, The Banner Lady set out to develop the Great Wall banner to address the pitfalls of imported products based on our own experiences… we developed a banner product that directly met the needs of our extensive corporate and government customer base!

What we created was a product that was not only visually stunning but also practical and user friendly.

Over 2000 unit sales later, the Premium Range Great Wall banner amazes our clients! Take a look at our client image gallery… large companies and small, the Great Wall banner creates a stunning visual display as a Media Wall, Photo Wall or Expo Wall. All this with client initiated, made to order sizing!

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Our Media Walls will amaze you:

The Premium Range Great Wall banner is simply two or more Premium Range Single Pole Banners or Dual Pole Banners clicked together to form one large banner display. Then simply unclicked, each Banner can be used indiviudally.

As we manufacture all our Premium Range banner products in our Melbourne head office, we can develop individual solutions to meet our customer needs.

The Premium Range Great Wall banner can be assembled by 1 person very quickly, in less than 4 minutes, eliminating all the issues that you have had with expanding walls banners, spider frames or “pop-up” banners. They are manufactured to be extremely lightweight, generally less than 10kg’s in total weight!

Customisable Media and Expo Walls

100% customised to size (height and width), our Premium Range Great Wall banners are a fantastic way to brand yourself at an exhibition or media launch!

Whether you’d like to create a “U” or “V” shaped Premium Range Great Wall banner, we can customize the look and function with the use of our “Multi-Angle” Hinged Joiners to adapt to your individual banner display requirements.

With clever graphic design, Great Wall banners can be designed with one individual backdrop image and then separated and used as individual banners, to make 3 visual displays.


Where do I get one?

To see what all the fuss is about and view many examples of our Corporate and Government clients, simply view the gallery to the right or give us a call!

Our most popular customised sizes are:

  • 2 Panel – 2m (wide) x 2.2m or 2.4m (high)
  • 2 Panel – 2.4m (wide) x 2.2m or 2.4m (high)
  • 2 Panel – 2.9m (wide) x 2.2m or 2.4m (high)
  • 3 Panel – 3m (wide) x 2.2m or 2.4m (high)
  • 3 Panel – 4.35m (wide) x 2.2m or 2.4m (high)
  • 4 Panel – 5.8m (wide) x 2.2m or 2.4m (high)

What makes our Premium Range Great Wall Banner so good?

  • Customisable to size (height & width)
  • Premium quality Satin material
  • Highest level print quality and resolution
  • Interchangeable Satin Skins
  • Simple to Erect
  • Lightweight construction and most units less than 10kg
  • Australian made
  • 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE on Displays
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be Double-Sided
  • Quality Assured ISO9001
  • Delivered in 5-7 Business Days (if not faster)










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The Banner Lady 2.9m wide x 2.4m high 2 panel Great Wall Banner

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Did You Know?   You can fully customise your exhibition display with a Great Wall! You tell us the height and width you require and we create it…

Did You Know?   Our Great Walls are simply 2 or more of our Premium Straight Banners clicked together. You can use them as individual banners or as one Great Wall!

Did You Know?   Our Great Walls are available with Hinged Joiners to create a “V” shaped display or a “U” shaped 3 sided display. Endless Possibilities!!!

Did You Know?   Great Walls only take up 6 inches of floor space against a wall at an expo or trade show.

Did You Know?   Our 2 Panel 2.9m (wide) X 2.4m (high) Great Walls and Media Walls weigh less than 10 kg.

Did You Know?   It takes only 1 person less than 4 minutes to put up a full 2 panel, 2.9m wide Great Wall Banner. See our Video!

Did You Know?   Our Great Walls do not require freight forwarding! They can be checked in as oversized luggage when travelling.


Sizing Chart & Versatility

Easily customise the look and size of your Great Wall Banner

Straight Great Walls can have individual panels from 800mm to 1450mm wide.

With removable joiners, you can have a Great Wall or individual banners
The Banner Lady