A Quick Look at The Banner Lady

Over the last few years, The Banner Lady has grown from a simple home-based business to become the country’s leading provider of premium satin display banners and high-quality exhibition banner systems. What do you think is the secret to our success? Well, there is no secret, really. We just love helping our customers. We feel very happy and fulfilled whenever they tell us they were very satisfied with our products. And of course, we made it to the big leagues because we are blessed to have passionate, dedicated, and hard-working people in our team!

Get to Know the Banner Lady and Her Team

Who is the “Banner Lady?” Well, that title, which is also the name of our company, has been bestowed to Lyn Gill by many of our clients. With her husband Richard, Lyn founded The Banner Lady to provide customers with banner products and services of the highest quality.

Lyn, who is a very passionate entrepreneur, is currently our Director of Sales, while Richard is our CEO. Together with a team of very passionate and customer service-oriented banner experts, our aim is to please our clients with quality, durable, and affordable banners and unparalleled customer services. We are confident that once they experience the The Banner Lady banners, they would never go back to inferior quality products.

We manufacture our entire award-winning Premium Range banners in our head office and warehouse in Melbourne. This enables us to enjoy exceptional turnaround times and provide our valued clients with the highest level of customer service.

The Journey

As mentioned earlier, The Banner Lady started out as a simple home business run by Lyn and Richard. But thanks to our efforts and the continued patronage of our customers, we were able to move into our new head office and open up a new office in Sydney 2010.

A year after, we made our mark as Australia’s fastest-growing banner company. We were able to double our manufacturing and printing productive capacity, while achieving an average delivery time of less than three business days. 2011 is also the same year we received the prestigious Business of the Year—Innovation Award by the Monash Business Awards led by an esteemed panel of Australian business leaders.

From there, things just keep getting better for us. We continue to dominate the banner industry in 2012, with our operations growing further by 12%. We have also been chosen by some of the biggest companies in the country as their preferred supplier.

We certainly came a long way from being a simple home business. And if you’d tell us a few years ago that we’re going to be the leading banner shop in the country, we probably wouldn’t believe you.

The Banner Lady