About us

The Banner Lady is a proud Australian owned and managed company located in Melbourne, Australia.

From humble beginnings as a home-based business, The Banner Lady has grown to become known as Australia’s premium provider of the highest quality premium Satin display banners and exhibition banner systems.

Founded by the entrepreneurial and passionate Lyn Gill (Director of Sales), and Richard Gill (CEO), The Banner Lady has now grown well beyond its humble beginnings.

With this enviable reputation, The Banner Lady has established itself as the leading provider in the display banner and Exhibition Display market.

The Banner Lady’s passion for the highest quality banner products and highest level of service ensures that once companies experience The Banner Lady banners, they never go back to inferior quality banner products.

The Banner Lady manufactures its entire award winning Premium Range banners in its Head Office and warehouse in Melbourne, giving it exceptional turn around times and the highest level of customer service.


Lyn, creating a memorable experience for Karen


The Banner Lady