Banner Hints & Tips

You will note that all our banners have a user assembly guide sticker on the bottom rail of the stand to assist you with assembly.

Below you will find some helpful hints that will ensure your banner looks its best for every occasion:

1. Screw poles tightly into each of the feet. Ensure that your banner is sturdy.

2. If plastic balloon sticks are visible outside of the banner (top or bottom), loosen the poles, lower the banner and re-align the satin skin in the rail.

3. Smooth the Satin skin to each edge of the rails till it feels smooth.

4. Using the two poles, stretch out your banner very tightly. It will never rip! Fully erected, it should sound like drum when beaten. For best results stand on the foot, then push up the inner (smooth) Pole until tight

5. Twist the top (smooth) pole ONLY to tighten your display stand. Poles can be twisted in a clock-wise or anti-clockwise direction

6. Black or Blue caps on poles are decorative ONLY. If you see a blue plastic rotating fitting on a pole it means you have extended too far.

7. For replacement, simply slip out the old skin from the top and bottom rail and slide in the new skin.

8. Wash dirty banners in a normal washing machine on a gentle wash with clothing detergent. The banner will not shrink, fade, curl or bleed. Wash banners in a normal laundry bag to prevent the satin from catching.

9. Don’t throw your stand away, contact us to order a replacement part as our stands are manufactured to use for a lifetime.

10. We customise all our products, so give us a call for the size you require.

If you have any problems with the assembly of your Premium Range Banner, please do not hesitate to give our office a call on 03 9775 0832 for Brilliant Service.


 Download a printable version of these hints and tips to take with you to all your events!

Pass it on to staff or other people who may also be using your banners to ensure your brand is displayed at its best, every time.

The Banner Lady