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We will provide you with all the help you need to design your banner!

Do you struggle to attract the level of interest you may be hoping to? Does your existing graphic designer not understand the context of you message?

Well never fear, The Banner Lady is here! With a full in-house graphic design department, we can help you design your beautiful Satin display banner! We design banners, for banners and as such know what looks good! Additionally, as we are designing for a specific purpose, we don’t provide a design brief that you didn’t ask for

At the end of the day, you only get one chance to make a favorable first impression on your customer. Your banner must make an immediate impression.

An effective banner design that communicates to your prospects isn’t about spending your entire marketing budget on design and development. It actually requires the use of good banner design and banner writing principles.

With any large display, less is more and simplicity creates intrigue, so take note of the following:

  • Simple, eye catching design – make it memorable
  • Striking colours – strong corporate image
  • Minimum text – you only have a few seconds to make an impression
  • High resolution images – we can source these for you
  • An energetic call to action – tell the client what they need to do next

9 Tips to help you to create Beautiful Satin banners

1. Appeal to Emotions:

Question: Does your banner design strike an emotional chord with your customers?

Solution: Appeal to the heart of your markets emotion by connecting with their needs or desires.

2. Be Professional:

Question: Does your banner design reflect the professional image you are trying to portray?

Solution: Adding poor quality graphics or clipart images will quickly downgrade the quality of your banner display. Using high quality digital photos, images, and graphics avoids the embarrassment of poor branding. We design banners for banners and would be more than happy to talk to you on how top maximize the professionalism of your image.

3. Be Personal:

Question: How do I get my banner to stand out from the crowd?

Solution: A winning banner design ensures that you connect personally with your audience. If your banner spends more time talking about how great your business is versus life from the customer’s perspective, it will not have an impact.

4. Appeal more widely:

Question: What’s the secret to grabbing far off attention?

Solution: Make your banner pleasing to the eye and include summarized information in bullet points, arrows, boxes or graphics. Through simplicity comes inquisition. You only have 3 seconds to make an impact.

5. Speak your customers language:

Question: What’s in a consistent message?

Solution: Quite simply, speak in your customer’s language. It’s vital to remove any technical language your customer doesn’t understand. The simpler your communications are, the easier to connect with your target market.

6. Promote those unique benefits:

Question: Make me stand out from the crowd!

Solution: A sure bet to have your banner ignored is by feature dumping in the text. Customers don’t care if your series 2005 widget has a multi-function, multivariate accelerometer with grip and memory. Grab your target market’s emotion by selling the benefits such as time savings, ease of use, money savings, enhanced productivity, and happy families.

7. A single, consistent message:

Question: How do I ensure my message to the customer is not lost in noise?

Solution: Simplicity! Using your banner to close the sale by packing it with a barrage of messages only confuses your market and ensures your marketing dollars end up being ignored. Focus your banner to deliver a clear, compelling message.

8. Focus on a Product or Service:

Question: How do I focus my customer’s attention to their required product?

Solution: Your banner is likely to be overlooked if it reads more like a catalogue than being focused on a single service or product you offer. Brand each banner for each product and target your customer base. The more choices you offer your prospects, the greater the chance you will confuse and lose them.

9. Make a call to Action:

Question: How do I ensure we help in closing the deal?

Solution: Your banner should direct your customer to take a specific action such as make a phone call for more information or to visit your website.

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