Colour Matching Technology


How important is your company’s image? Companies spend huge amounts on designing logos and consistent branding for their corporate image.

We print in CMYK and use a unique colour matching technology to Pantone match our printing.
Our process ensures that we produce the highest quality products for our customers.

The Banner Lady takes colour matching and printing precision very seriously! That is why we are widely considered THE BEST!!!

We have invested in two major technologies to improve our ability to give clients the most professional colour presentation and accurate colour matching available in the market.

ErgoSoft RIP

The Banner lady employs ErgoSoft RIP solutions from Switzerland to deliver the highest quality product with fast turnaround times. ErgoSoft has 20 years of experience in RIP workflows and Swiss quality engineering that offers a solution specifically targeting our client’s needs.

ErgoSoft software provides us with finest output results and productivity that keeps The Banner lady ahead of the competition. The Banner lady achieves the highest colour accuracy and precision with ErgoSoft’s sophisticated colour rendering engine embedded into a powerful open-architecture colour management system for textile printing.

Xrite i1

The Xrite i1 in conjunction with the Ergosoft RIP software will quickly and easily create custom monitor profiles that ensure the colours you view are true. The Xrite i1 is a sublimation specific spectrophotometer imported directly from Michigan in the USA. It is the leading product in its class and helps us achieve:

  • True colours on LCD and laptop monitors
  • Capture ambient light conditions to create optimal monitor profiles for viewing colour critical work
  • Optimize gray balance for more neutral and better-defined grays
  • Validate monitor performance with included quality control functionality
  • Validate printer profile quality by measuring media wedges for ISO compliance
  • Capture spot colours from virtually any fabric surface
  • Keep your PANTONE libraries up-to-date, accurate and ready to use in Adobe® creative applications with the included PANTONE Colour Manager

Vibrant, high definition, deep and rich colors our satin prints are unsurpassed for quality when it comes to perfectly matching our colors with our clients!

The Banner Lady