Graphic design can make or break your company’s image!

Your company brand will define you, precede you and quite often dictate people’s behavior toward you! So it’s vitally important you get it right.

Branding is all about presenting a clear and consistent message to you key target market, be it at a Point of Sale retail location or maximizing your presence at a trade exhibition. Regardless of the environment, prioritizing your branding will ensure you capture the maximum level of interest from passers by.

The Banner Lady makes it our business to maximise the impact of your brand, to make you memorable.

We have a full in-house graphic design department who work with our customers to get the most from their beautiful Premium Satin banner displays and exhibition displays.

We don’t provide expensive long-winded design briefs and portfolios, we design a banner to be a banner!

Inhouse Banner Designs

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The Banner Lady