Exhibition Experience

The Banner Lady is a serial exhibitor and with over 15 years of exhibition experience in various roles, The Banner Lady knows the successful formula for exhibiting.
Quite simply, it’s how we grew to be the successful company we are today!

We exhibit at more than 10 trade shows per year, from very large shows such as RSVP Events and ADMA to much smaller shows in rural communities and niche industry association groups.

As trade shows and exhibitions are expensive and very targeted, it is important that you get the maximum bang for your buck!

To maximise your level of enquiry from passers by, you need to ensure that:

  • you brand everything,
  • you optimize your floor space, and
  • your customers leave remembering who you are, what you do and why your product is so special.

The Banner Lady develops products to ensure you maximize each of these elements. Create an exhibition shop that is simple to transport, easy to assemble and reusable time and time again, because unlike a shop, your retail presence will cease to exist after the exhibition.

If you or someone you know has an upcoming event, make sure you give us a call to discuss your options and branding requirements. The Banner Lady will have a range of solutions to help make your event a success and can tailor a package to maximize your impact whilst minimizing your expense!

Come into our new factory for a 10 minute demo, where we have a permanent Exhibition Display set-up for you to view and for us to create an innovative package for your events.

The Banner Lady