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Have you got a trade show or exhibition coming up? If so, you should talk to The Banner Lady!

With the experience of more than 10 trade shows per year, we know what it takes to get you noticed amongst other exhibitors. Not only is it important to be noticed, however it’s also important to be cost effective in doing so. Our Expo Packages help you with just that!

We have combined our Premium Range Great Wall package with our Lectern Display Package to create stand branding that can be used time and time again, saving a fortune on customized stand building!

If you need counter banners or tablecloths, we’ve got these too! Simply give us a call and we can walk through the entire range of expo packages we have available.

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Did You Know?
All of the Premium Range display banners can be double sided for two-way impact.


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easily customise the look and size of your Expo Package
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