Frequently Asked Questions


What would you like to know?

How to order your banners?

  • Give us a call or email us or use Online Chat on the website (bottom right corner)
  • We will create a personalised Proposal for you and email it to you within 4 hours.
  • Also attached will be our Artwork Requirements document, Order Confirmation Form and a copy of our Terms and Conditions.
  • To proceed with an order, simply fill in the attached Order Confirmation Form and either email or fax it back to us.

The Production process

  • As soon as we receive your order, you will be sent an email notification of your job confirmation and your job will immediately be placed in our production schedule.
  • At the same time, we will email you a Tax Invoice outlining our payment terms.

Artwork Approval

  • Upon receipt of your artwork we check over everything and return a PDF proof to you for final checking and adjustments can be made at this time if required.
  • Production of your banner/s & flag/s will not commence without us receiving a signed artwork approval from you!

Develop your own display product

  • The Banner Lady can customise display and hanging banner sizes for your special events and display requirements. Our Modular display system will be made to your specifications.
  • All of the Premium Range display banners can be double sided for two-way visual impact
  • Satin fabric will not curl, crease, peel, de-laminate, even in a curved banner display.
  • The Banner Lady can easily develop a image cataloguing system for your replacement satin’s.
  • A Concave Curved Premium Banner allows you to wrap yourself in beautiful Satin.

Our Satin fabric is so highly regarded that clients will not accept any other fabric for banners.
Printing on Satin enhances the image and colour vividness to give you a professional look unable to be replicated by Laminated Paper, Vinyl or inferior substitutes.

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The Great Wall — Did you know?

  • You can fully customise your exhibition display with a Great Wall. You tell us the height and width you require and we will make it for you.
  • Our Great Walls are simply 2 or more of our Premium Straight or Curved Banners clicked and joined together. You can use them as individual banners or as one Great Wall for maximum inpact.
  • Great Walls only take up 6 inches of floor space against a wall at an expo or trade show.
  • Our 2 Panel 2.4m (high) x 3.0m (wide) Great Walls and Media Walls weigh less than 10 kg.
  • It takes only 1 person less than 5 minutes to put up a full 2 panel, 3m wide Great Wall Banner

Our Great Wall Banners do not require freight forwarding. They can be checked in as oversized luggage when travelling by air.
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Deluxe Display banners–did you know?

  • All our Deluxe Range of retractable pull-up banner stands can be re-skinned when rebranding
  • We can re-skin your existing tired vinyl retractable banner stands with vibrant eco-friendly satin. Say good bye to creases and curling edges
  • Our Deluxe displays are the highest quality, Guaranteed for 3 years.
  • Our Ladies Stand weighs less than 2kg.
  • You can easily re-skin a Ladies Stand in less than 5 minutes.
  • The Ladies Stand does not include any mechanical parts.

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Counter/Tablecloth banners–Did you know?

  • Our table cloths will never fade, curl, rip or tear.
  • We don’t believe in set sizes, we customize table cloths to our customer’s.
  • Counter banners are machine washable and can also be ironed.
  • Through simple Velcro attachments, you can re-use your counter banner time and time again.

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Outdoor banners–did you know?

  • The Banner Lady outdoor banners are printed on Waratah fabric and do not crack, curl or fade, unlike inferior vinyl plastic material.
  • We can print true image double sided to ensure your hanging banner is clearly visible to two-way traffic
  • All our outdoor banners can be designed to be multi-use, with eyelets and cord inserted
  • All outdoor banners can be true image double sided
  • Waratah fabic is robust, lightweight, washable, ironable and very durable but also soft to touch.

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Quick Answers Required? When you still have questions try our LiveChat feature to answer you very quickly.(Bottom right corner) Alternatively, please feel free to view many of our client examples on our interactive website,

Our Freight service will send your banners to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Just supply us with the address of your offices and we will dispatch it with the best courier that is available.

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