How Outdoor Banner Advertising Can Boost Your Sales

Signage should be a large part of a marketing campaign to draw in potential customers. It develops brand awareness and informs the public of goods and services being offered. However, some areas have building codes and legal ordinances limiting the use of signage, or mobile marketing efforts may not be conducive to the use of permanent signs. Outdoor banners can be a great addition or replacement for traditional signage in certain situations.

The circumstance could be a temporary outdoor event in which solid signage would be too expensive to transport and take too much time to set up. It simply is not justifiable to spend the time and effort to erect traditional signage for a weekend, or even a weeklong event. Signposts and framing along with the actual signs require skilled labour, which will need to be scheduled in advance. The labour available locally may already be hired by a competing businesses during a special event, meaning some companies have to pay extra to bring in their own workers from out of town. Then the signage has to be taken down, not to mention the transport to and from the site and storage expenses between events.

Another situation would be an annual weekly sale, or a temporary promotion a storefront conducts to reduce inventory in preparation for new products before they arrive or to increase awareness of the business location and availability. Permanent solid signage is inappropriate for these conditions, but banners and flags are exactly what relay to prospective customers that the business is offering special sales deals and wants to build new relationships with new customers. Banners and flags can be used to draw attention and display the special offers.

Outdoor banners, on the other hand, are relatively simple to display. Using what is essentially a modular system of custom sized banner stands, nearly anyone can assemble the poles and railings using common sense and a few basic tools. The banners themselves affix to the rail system to display company logos and colours along with information about what specific products and services are offered. The entire system folds up into a minimalistic space for shipping and storage until it is needed for the next event. A properly designed banner display exhibits the professionalism clients expect to see with a relatively inexpensive set up.


Toyota Outdoor Banner

All told, banners have a way of expressing a company’s message and promotion professionally while maintaining an economic way of telling the business’ story. The marketing concept is likely to be elaborate while the marketing media remains simple. Potential customers see and remember the brand logo without being overwhelmed with excessive marketing gimmickry when they view a banner that simply provides the relevant information in reference to the company that provides the service.

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