How to Command Attention with Your Next Trade Show Display

Once a company has decided that a display booth at special events will be beneficial to the business, it’s time to begin planning what will be the best set up. The goal is to sell the product and advertise services, so the display needs to be professional and show that the company is top notch. However, it’s a temporary display with limited time to set up and take down. It still has to command attention just like an office, store front or any other marketing efforts in order to achieve its purpose. The needs of a temporary booth bring new factors into how a company is going to advertise and market itself.

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The first aspect to consider about a booth is that it stands out from the other displays at the event to draw the attention of potential customers. This is what results in immediate sales and renders direct and tangible results as to the booth’s value and importance. In order to stand out, the booth needs to look professional and therefore imply that the company is well established and provides the customer service clients have come to expect.

The second consideration is that the booth markets the company name to increase brand awareness. This is accomplished through the use of colours and logos that clearly represent the company and match other marketing efforts. The use of brand awareness in marketing is based on the idea that although a potential client may not need the service immediately, they will at some point in the future. When that time comes, the client will remember having seen the company name before and having been impressed with what they saw about how the company handles its affairs. This is important as a client decides which of competing companies to choose when purchasing a product or service for personal use.

Both aspects are taken care of with well planned quality signage. The signage for temporary event booths presents distinct challenges. Because of transport to and from the site, signage has to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of travel and being repeatedly put up and taken down. This can be achieved with the use of a custom banner display, including Great Wall Displays designed specifically for such locations.

Quality banners fold up for easy storage during transport and between events, while providing the advertising information and marketing display companies need at their temporary event booths. They are supported by temporary yet sturdy rail and pole systems that are easy to set up and break down to use little storage space. For added details, specialty banners such as flags or table cloths with perfectly matched colours can reinforce a company’s logo and help set it in the memory of a potential client.

Published by Richard Gill

The Banner Lady