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The Banner Lady takes great pride in providing its customers with the highest quality Satin display banners and exhibition systems. We have especially designed our Premium Range of products to address the failings of inferior products in the market place, ensuring our product is far superior in quality, versatility and usability!

So why is The Banner Lady’s Premium range so much better? Explore this page to find out more!


Satin vs. Vinyl

Printing on Satin is printing on quality! Our exclusive Premium quality Satin leaves inferior Vinyl for dead. To find out why,
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Made in Australia

The Banner Lady is a proud Australian owned and operated company! Help support local industry and enjoy our high quality service where the customer is still number one. Find out more


Interchangeable Satin Skins

The Banner Lady system allows our customers to simply re-print new Satin skins and re-skin their existing display stand in less than 30 seconds. To save time and logistical nightmares,
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Peace of Mind with a Lifetime Guarantee

Our full range of Premium Satin Display Stands and Exhibition Displays come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Why are we so confident in our product? Find out



OH&S and cost savings are often a secondary considerations, however to further understand how lightweight materials will save your staff and your budget,
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Customising your Stand

Our full range of Premium Satin Display Stands and Exhibition Displays are customizable to your requirements, not factories in China. To further understand the versatility of our product,
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Keeping Green

The Banner Lady cares for our environment. To see what we are doing to reduce our environmental impact,
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Perfectly Matched Colours

With pride in your brand should come pride in your branding! To find out how we perfectly match your company’s logo and corporate image

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Imagine having the versatility to completely change the visual impact of your banners by simply clicking or un-clicking them together…

What if you could completely change the brand you were displaying by simply slipping in an individual satin?

Guess what? Now you can! Find out how by
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Machine Washable

Sensational Satin is 100% machine washable so you can rejuvenate your banners in your own home! Wash away the cobwebs


Long Lasting

We pride ourselves on only providing our customers with the highest quality product. So naturally, our product needs to be the longest lasting and the best. To find out how we achieve this,
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Putting up your Banner

Our concept is simple, your banner should always be erected from a standing position and be light enough to pick up and move as you like. To keep worksafe happy,
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