Interchangeable Skins

Change your clock, change your satin skin!

How easy would it be if changing your display branding was as easy as Pick, Slip and Store?

Well with our unique system, it is!


Many of our clients have a number of different brands and messages to convey to their audiences. Start by picking a particular Satin skin


Around 30 seconds will be all the time it should take to simply “slip out” an existing satin skin (in exactly the same display stand, without altering a single component) and “slip in” a new satin skin.


Roll up and return the replaced satin skin to your catalogue of branding and images in a protective container. Minimizes space requirements without the risk of irreversible creasing and / or tearing!


Are you finished with a Satin skin due to re-branding but is it too good to throw away?
We have the solution!

We have developed an exclusive system that easily allows you to affix your beautiful Satin skin to a wall in our unique mounting tracking! Our system allows you to “slip-in” your old Satin into the system and holds it less than 1/2 inch from the wall.

Additionally, given the design of the tracking, it cannot be seen as it is hidden behind the banner.

With Interchangeable Skins, you can reuse your banner stands


Download instructions to re-skin your banner here.

The Banner Lady