Ladies Stands


left: The Smith Family ladies stand banner 880mm x 2000mm
right: Arbonne ladies stand banner 880mm x 2000mm


Product Specifications


Our sensational range of Ladies Stands are a non-mechanical display system that focus on the brilliance of our unique Satin Fabric.

Our Ladies stands have been designed to be visually appealing, simple to use, lightweight, cost effective and re-skinable.

The Ladies Stand is a great alternative to the often cumbersome and heavy “pull-up” and “retractable” banners available in the market.

The Ladies Stand is available as a 880mm (wide) x 2000mm (High) display.

As a simple erect and leave banner, the Ladies Stand can not be beaten in terms of usability and value for money.

They also provide a great branding tool for many people who are starting out in business or running a home based company looking for a professional image.

Did You Know? Our Ladies Stand weighs less than 2kg.

Did You Know? You can easily re-skin a Ladies Stand in less than 5 minutes.

Did You Know? The Ladies Stand does not include any mechanical parts.

Did You Know? Our Ladies Stand is printed on exactly the same exclusive Satin material used in our Premium Range.


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Sizing Chart

have a look at our Ladies Stands 880mm (wide) x 2000m (high)
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