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Our AUSTRALIAN MADE Premium Range Lectern Banner is a great branding solution for presenting in front of an audience from a lectern or podium, even on a table top.

As a lectern/podium is often the most photographed point of any presentation, you might as well brand yourself instead of advertising the event.

Constructed using the same system as the rest of our Premium Range products, our Lectern display can be customized to size and can travel in overhead luggage on commercial airlines.

Making use of every square centimeter of space, the Premium Range Lectern Banner can easily be moved around, to show your brand to best effect on Beautiful Satin fabric.

Our most popular customised sizes are:

  • 400mm (wide) x 1000mm (high) – light and Easy to carry – Weighs only 1.8kg!
  • 500mm (wide) x 1000mm (high)

What makes our Premium Range so good?

  • Customisable to size (height and width)
  • Premium quality Satin material
  • Highest level print quality and resolution
  • Interchangeable Satin Skins
  • Lightweight construction
  • Small Footprint and Carrying Kit
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to Erect
  • Only weighs 1.8kg packed
  • Australian Made
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Double-Siding is simple
  • Quality Assured ISO9001
  • Delivered in 5-7 Business Days (if not faster)









No flash installed

The Banner Lady Lectern Banner (400mm x 1000mm)

*Single Pole Banner also displayed

Click and Drag to spin banner. Click ‘hotspots’ on the rear for more information.

Did You Know? A Lectern Banner is most effective in its simplest form. Generally a logo on a single colour background produces the best result

Did You Know? It is so light and convenient, you can take a Lectern Banner Package with you on the plane as overhead luggage.


Sizing Chart

Customise the size of your Lectern Banner
The Banner Lady