Our People

Victoria – Head Office

Lyn – The Banner Lady – Founder & Director Richard – The Banner Bloke  and CEO
Kate – Operations Manager (I’m Back) Paul – Production Manager Corinne Sales Assistant
Eric – Production Assistant Anthony – Graphic Designer Sarah Sales Assistant
Nicole – Production Coordinator Mike – Finance Manager Michael – IT Consultant

New South Wales Office

Lyn – Sales Manager
Call 1300 736 740

Queensland Office

Richard – Sales Manager
Call on 1300 736 740

Auckland NZ Office

Nicky – Sales Manager
Call  on 09 213 7301

Victoria – Head Office – Call us on 1300 736 740

Hi I’m Lyn, The Banner Lady

A Banner from The Banner Lady is the ultimate in portable Marketing, Branding and Advertising, our Beautiful Satin Banners are the most effective means of gaining instant Attention and Awareness.

Be First in the Mind of your customer.

Large or small, we design and customize banner packages to help you market and promote your company, event, launch, product, fete, charity, function, community event, grand opening or sale. We also provide you with advice on how to maximise your exposure with the right banner and the right way to use your exceptional banner.

We can produce beautiful Wall Hanging or Ceiling Hanging banners constructed in tough fabrics with Rods and Tracking for easy hanging.

Whether you require pole banners, street banners or outdoor flags. Different quality materials, fastening or presentation styles, anything is possible as we customize to our clients requirements.

Combine daring design with vivid colours and your banner will be a sure winner. Your brand is everything so don’t ignore it, it’s very important!

When you need advice on banner design, our graphic design team can create the right look and feel for you. Satin will make your photographs, logos and designs look great.

We look forward to providing you with a Beautiful Satin Banner.

I’m Lyn Gill – The Banner Lady

Hi I’m Richard – CEO

When Lyn and I created The Banner Lady we wanted to give our clients the best quality product and service they had ever seen from a Banner company.

We were convinced that the only way to achieve this was to personally meet our clients and to ask what they wanted instead of telling our clients what they could have. We wanted a company driven by professional service and quality. Now we have become known for our service and we are getting better all the time.

We found that our clients had never seen or experienced the quality of our carefully selected fabrics, the print quality nor the robust nature of our these printed fabrics.

Next, we looked at how to create display stands which were lightweight, had robust solid construction, without moving parts or springs as these are not necessary, but also also looked good as well. We will create a display to fit your requirements, just ask.

However the brand a client wants to display is more important than an aluminium stand, so our stands are minimally visible, just enough for you to know they are there, so we gave them a Lifetime Guarantee.

Presentation and branding must make your clients feel what the product or service will do for them, to experience the feeling the brand create. Branding is all about the how the brand is presented to create a memorable experience for your client, to be first in the mind of your customer.

I’m Richard Gill, The Banner Bloke

Hi I’m Kate – Operations Manager

I am back now and have resumed my role as the Operations Manager.

I work closely with all the members of our team to develop systems and procedures for internal production of jobs.

My role extends to supplier and partner stakeholder relations and production efficiency, including management and analysis of market trends. The Banner Lady has obtained certification for the internationally recognised ISO Accreditation. An ISO certification allows for global recognition and identification of the most robust and best practice business processes and procedures. I am the Manager behind the implementation of this project and the person responsible for our strict internal quality management systems

I want you to feel that we have done everything to make you confident when dealing with us. So that you know we will always do our best for the client, large or small.

Paul – Production Manager

Having managed a 24-hour multi-million dollar off-set print facility in Melbourne for over 20 years, I made the move across to be the Production Manager of The Banner Lady. I was amazed at the quality of the product and level of service that The Banner Lady provides its incredibly high profile customer base.

In an industry where there is a significant number of poorly made and cheap imported product, our internal manufacturing and ability to customise and develop our own system is a clear point of differentiation over other industry providers.

We take the upmost pride in delivering a premium quality product to our clients and adhere to strict internal quality management systems for both the printing and stand manufacturing divisions of our company.

Our business management and production processes ensure transparent lines of communication from our sales team to the production team, which ensures timely and accurate delivery of all jobs, large and small.

Anthony – Graphic Designer

I am the Graphic Designer and pre-press co-ordinator who looks after the imaging and graphical production of your banners. Six years and 3 Premierships later (Go Hawks ) I can design a great banner for you.

I’m here to make sure your banners are creative and eye-catching, with the right colours and branding to make a lasting impression.

With a passion for commercial design and large format layouts, I work closely with the Sales and Production Team to help ensure the highest quality creative design, production and delivery of your banners.

Great graphic design will always make a great banner!

Have a chat with us, I know you will be impressed with our quality.

Nicole – Production Coordinator

I joined the team at The Lady Banner as the Production Co-ordinator.

My role allows me to work closely with Anthony the Graphic Designer, Paul the Production Manager and the sales team upstairs to guarantee a high level of customer service as well as delivering the very best in Banner design and printing.

With a passion for  Production systems, I work closely with the Sales and Production Team to help ensure the highest quality customer service with delivery of your banners on time, every time.

Eric – Graphic Pre-Press / Production Assistant

I joined The Banner Lady as a Production Assistant. I work closely with Paul the Production Manager to ensure that we deliver a quality product and result to all our clients.

Part of my role involves working closely with Anthony and getting some hands on experience with the pre-press and design processes.

I enjoy working in a fast paced environment and my skillset has largely drawn from the management of multiple tasks and functions.

I chose to join The Banner Lady because I was impressed with both the quality of the products and high level service that we deliver. Everyone in the team has a passion for our products and this is directly represented in our quality.

We want you to feel that your banner is the best in the world. Give us a call.

Sarah – Sales Assistant

You may have spoken to me before at The Banner Lady in my previous role as Production Coordinator. Following my recent decision to work at The Banner Lady part time, I have made the move upstairs to join the sales team which allows me to balance both employment in the office and at a hospital as a nurse. This has also led to me being appointed as The Banner Lady, Health and Safety/First Aid officer!

So far in my Sales role I have found that my previous experience as the Production Coordinator has enabled me to be very helpful in providing knowledgeable advice about which Banners may best suit your individual requirements. If you do not believe any of the products you see on the website are suitable I can even help you to develop a customised solution!

All this and you get the most stylish and sophisticated satin banners too! Now, who wouldn’t want that? Please feel free to give me a call, we’re more than happy to talk you through what we can offer you and your business.

Corinne – Sales Assistant

You will most likely have noticed that I am the first contact you may have with The Banner Lady. I take pride in making you feel welcome and I will endeavour to help you with whatever you have for us.

I joined the sales team because I know how hard we try to make sure our customers are happy with our products. We are a passionate team, who want you to be happy and satisfied.   It’s great to work with people who care about the customer and will do their upmost, to provide a high quality product, get it to the customer on time and take care by solving any problems along the way.

The Banner Lady believes that giving the customer what they want and not offer unsuitable alternatives will result in a happy experience. Let me help you develop a customised solution, it may not be obvious but our experience will produce great results.

Please give me a call, to talk you through what we can offer you and your business.

Mike – Finance Manager

Having consulted to many different companies across a wide range of industries, I have enjoyed watching The Banner Lady grow and prosper. I have worked with The Banner Lady for over 7 years and assisted the Management team in the implementation and integration of various accounting and financial management practices and systems.

I am particularly impressed with how effectively The Banner Lady navigated its way through the Global Financial Crisis and the subsequent growth in market share. Product and business development is closely matched by the attention to detail in the administration of the business, ensuring our customers continue to receive the best quality service and prompt, clear documentation.

Michael – IT Consultant – On Study Leave at Monash University.
(We use Extreme Networks to enhance our IT solutions)

It is very rare that a Small to Medium sized business, such as The Banner Lady, invests so heavily in technology and IT Systems. As The Banner Lady is a premium provider of the highest quality products, we believe that we must support our product with the best back-end systems.We are an avid user of cloud computing and have thoroughly customised one of the leading CRM technologies to become an integrated customer and production management system. As such, we have a full audit trail of each and every job we produce for a customer, ensuring that we can respond to requests in a timely matter with accurate information. My role is largely the ongoing maintenance and adaption of this system.

New South Wales Office

  Hi I’m Lyn, The Banner Lady

NSW Sales Manager – Call 1300 736 740

Queensland Office

Hi I’m Richard – The Banner Bloke
QLD Sales Manager – Call 1300 736 740

Auckland NZ Office

Nicky Crocker photo Nicky – NZ Sales Manager – call her on 09 213 7301

With many years experience working in Sales Management in the beauty and retail industries, I have used many different banner systems and exhibited at countless trade shows. Through this experience, I can appreciate the time and energy that goes into making an exhibit stand out from the crowd. Now with the Banner Lady’s exclusive Premium Range Satin Banners, you can too.

I am very excited to be a part of The Banner Lady team in the NZ market and continue the trademark customer service with personalised sales support from the NZ Office. I look forward to meeting with you and arranging a demonstration of our simply stunning Premium Range Satin Banner displays.

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