Printing Capability

The Banner Lady is the market leader in Premium Range Display Banners and Exhibition Displays.

Our reputation in banner printing for unsurpassed types of and service can only be achieved by using the best quality hardware and consumables. And of courses printing people to manage and maintain our level of excellence.

Banner Printing Service

The Banner Lady has invested in the above technology to provide the very best service we can offer to our clients in terms of quality, speed of service and delivery.

We also focus on the timely delivery of written and verbal communication with realistic expectations for the client, so that everything runs smooth and on time. We pride ourselves on customer service to ensure that you have a simple yet trouble-free experience.



The new Roland Hi-Fi Express FP-740 Sublimation Inkjet direct-to-fabric Digital Printer (the printer) provides a complete solution that enables banner printing directly onto polyester and other fabric substrates with flawless results. This system creates the benefits of precision computer-controlled media handling sitting on an advanced on-board sublimation unit.

The Italian made ATP Color DFP Series, (the heat Sublimation-Fixation unit) and the Roland FP-740 together ensures outstanding image quality with rich saturated colours for flag printing, banner printing, textiles, and soft signage that maintain their natural drape and texture.

The printed banner fabric passes over a temperature-controlled heated calender equipped with an infrared thermometer. Controlled heat is maintained over the calender surface resulting in accurate colour production, and of course PMS colours are easily matched and colours are consistent

The ATPColor DFP series is equipped with an intelligent media handling system that communicates directly with the Roland printer to ensure complete control of the media and features two precision stepper motors and synchronized dancer rollers that automatically fine-tune the media feeding process to ensure precise movement with every pass of the print head, resulting in very productive workflow.



The Banner Lady has researched and implemented the renowned Swiss ErgoSoft RIP software


There is no point having the best quality hardware if you don’t use the best quality fabrics for the banner printing.

As such, we only use high quality imported Satin for our indoor display banners, not inferior jockey or pennant Satin. This ensures that we achieve precise colour matching and a premium quality finished product for all banner printing. Our Satin does not suffer from creasing and is delusted, low sheen), leading to precise image resolution vibrant colours with outstanding presentation.

For outdoor use with flags and banners, we source high grade Polyester and Trilobel fabric and ensure that we adjust ink coverage to generate the highest quality printed results. We only recommend the use of fabrics designed to suit the purpose where the visual effect and finishing can be adapted to produce a high quality result.


The disperse dye sublimation inks used are KIIAN MANOUKIAN brand Sublimation ink. These inks are water based, non-toxic, and are technically considered market leading. These inks deliver an exceptional colour gamut and colour fastness to sublimated graphics on high quality fabrics. The ultra-fine dot pattern ensure flawless, even ink coverage and deep, rich colours. This direct-to-fabric banner printing system combines two rugged components that produce trusted performance and reliability with the latest award winning innovative design and banner printing quality.




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