Single Pole Banners


Product Specifications

Looking for a banner of slightly narrower width than our Premium Range Dual Pole Banners?
Introducing its little brother, our Premium Range Single Pole Banner!

Even lighter than our Dual Pole System , our Single Pole Banners are easy to assemble, come printed on the Premium quality Satin and carry a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Like our entire Premium Range, our Single Pole Banners can be customised to size to a maximum width of 900mm.

Our Premium Range Single Pole Banner’s are very popular as Point of Sale displays where high quality image and branding are most important.

Importantly, our Single Pole Banners are made to be the equivaltent size to the common product sizes in the market. However, they can be customised as our clients require.

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Our most popular customised sizes are:

  • 850mm (wide) x 2.0m (high)
  • 850mm (wide) x 2.2m (high)

What makes our Premium Range so good?

  • Customisable to size (height and width)
  • Premium quality Satin material
  • Highest level print quality and resolution
  • Interchangeable Satin Skins
  • Lightweight construction
  • Australian made
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Double-Sided if required
  • Quaity Assured ISO9001
  • Delivered in 5-7 Business Days (if not faster)








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    Did You Know? The Banner Lady can easily develop a image cataloguing system for your replacement satin’s.

    Did You Know? All of the Premium Range display banners can be double sided for two-way visual impact.

    Did You Know? The quality of your images and branding will enhance your banner’s presence exponentially.


    Sizing Chart

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