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Product Specifications


With many years of exhibition experience, we develop display systems for the benefit of our customers!

We design products so that they may be used continuously, year in / year out to avoid the horrendous costs of custom building display stands.

Our exhibition wall banners are specifically designed to attach to the Octanorm Display expo booths using a special adaptor. From the adaptor we customize the size and fabric requirements of our customers to ensure that their expo booth is fully branded, professionally and simple to construct!

We can either stitch or align the different materials so that your expo booth feels like home for the period of the event.

What makes our Premium Range Wall Banners so good?

  • Customisable to size (height and width)
  • Premium quality Satin material
  • Highest level print quality and resolution
  • Skins can be used in stands at a later date
  • Lightweight construction
  • Australian made
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quaity Assured ISO9001
  • Delivered in 5-7 Business Days (if not faster)


Did You Know? Hanging Banners do not take up any of your floor space. They sit flat against the wall allowing for maximum use of your stand.

Did You Know? Hanging banners can be customized to size and attached using simple clips so there is no need for tape or staples.

Did You Know? Hanging banners can be used over and over again, avoiding expensive custom stand building.


Sizing Chart

easily customise the look and size of your Wall Banner
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